NB. I have two minds about posting my workshops details on the ACPN, I don’t want to be seen to be using this blog  for my own purposes, but i figure those of you who don’t follow my blog would be interested and its relating to CP’s so here goes. If you have a website and holiding an event i invite you to please contact me I love to feature other CP artists in our blog!

It’s been a busy month for coloured pencils, I have had 2 coloured pencil workshops for the Central Coast art society and 1 demonstration / meeting with the Avoca Beach Artists group.

What a delightful time at all these events I just love getting the pencils out into the world!

August Workshop Report

In my first workshop we covered – CP Techniques. I love to do this workshop as it opens people up to the possibilities with pencils (oooh i like that i might have to use that next time as the theme! ). Basically we cover things like cp art in general – i like to show people my own art and other cp artists art from the books, magazines etc. as inspiration to see how it looks and what can be done. I also do a bit of history as to how I learnt my techniques, moving onto things like supplies and supports types of pencils, papers etc that you can use with examples of how they are used, then onto strokes and pressure and how they impact your work and how to do them through some various exercises. Then we move onto other exercises which include values, briefly touching on colours and getting participants to make a ball using 4 pencils 🙂 This is a workshop I have held often and I think people enjoy it (I hope) many of the participants this year have been before and hopefully come away with an bit of an understanding and inspiration of coloured pencil art that will help them to go through to more complicated work later on. The second workshop was designed to help people who have tried various techniques move onto further stages of the “process” of creating cp art. I brought along some of the prelimnary drawings and processes to show people the way I work. We also covered very lightly the theory of mixing your colours with your pencils and “Planning your artwork” in terms of starting and continuing through the various stages of whatever you wish to create. This was the first time doing this type of workshop in this timeframe (usually I allow for a whole day for this one) so we didn’t quite cover everything I would have liked but participants were encouraged to choose a reference photo and we walked through strokes, values, laying down the first layers, choosing their colours and then through to blending the pencil and burnishing etc. As participants did this I was able to guide people through the stages as well as work on a peice myself to demonstrate some of the various stages. All in all a great series of demos and workshops. I enjoy getting out there so much, and a big Thankyou to everyone who attended and to the CCAS for having me.

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