About the Australian Coloured Pencils Network

The ACPN is a website founded to support Australian coloured pencil artists and raise the profile of coloured pencil art in Australia.

The ACPN includes this website as well as a newslettter, facebook & flickr group, directory and various other outlets to provide resources, community, marketing opporutnities and connections between those in the Austraila coloured pencil community. It is a virtual space to help grow the Australian industry and connect pencil related products and information directly with the artists specific to Australia.

Belinda Lindhardt ProfileHello my name is Belinda Lindhardt,  I am the creator of the ACPN.
Originating from my own journey as a coloured pencil artist this website is created to facilitate connecting local artists,  information, exhibitions, workshops and art supplies  that we have available here in Australia and sharing that with my fellow artist friends.  Through the network I am passionate to also encourage coloured pencil artists (of all levels) to grow increase the profile of our art for everyone.

First of all let me answer a question I am always asked – Is there an Australian Coloured Pencil Society?

Short answer is No. We are however your closest thing.

The ACPN is a group of people united by a common interest – coloured pencils in Australia.

As a group, we have discussed becoming a society multiple times.
The conclusion has been the logistics of running a formal society are a little trickier than that of a group. At present time geography and time commitment needed to run a society is not currently possible. I like to think that what we have formed is the next best thing while we continue to grow and in the future if we get enough support we will be able to have a network of people to unite us all in our common coloured pencil endeavours.

The AusCP Network is a community group for those interested in coloured pencil art.

Australian coloured pencil artists are in a unique position to our worldwide counterparts.  When I first started in cp art I found it difficult to find other coloured pencil artists and let alone see coloured pencil art in an exhibition as it was basically unheard of in most circles. Our geography means we are quite spread out and separate from pencil supply’s used by overseas cp artists were not always available “down under” and so to get the same materials many of the overseas artists are using it means for very expensive shipping and postage fees. When I first started over 10years ago I found that connecting with other cp artists overseas was sometimes difficult due to differences in timezones – so it was difficult to learn new techniques, tips and grow as an artist.
This has changed a bit in recent years particuarly with the advent of videos and howsto on you-tube,  however it is still an issue as many cp artists I talk to are still yet to find a local tutor, or even see coloured pencil art apart from their own.

In 2014, the ACPN is still growing everyday, we have daily interaction between our members in our facebook group and many new faces popping up daily.  Our registered members are in the numbers of over 350. We have archives of our past exhibitions, newsletters that go out and in 2013, many of our Australian friends have been making a splash on the International scene as their profile grows which is fantastic to see.

We invite you if you are a coloured pencil artist or just interested in coloured pencil art, please accept our open invitation to join our community and/or provide us with any feedback or questions you may have, you can contact us via  this website.

If you are interested in helping to sponsor or support our network please visit our Sponsorship page.  If you are a industry body or professional artist and have information of interest to our users please contact sharppoint@colouredpencils.com.au with your enquiry we would love to share you information within our network.

Belinda Lindhardt is a artist & designer specialising in realistic coloured pencil art her personal website is at www.creativehardt.com.au, blog www.belindalindhardt.com.au