ACPN Membership

The Australian Coloured Pencil Network is a online network for Australian Coloured Pencil Artists in support for the Australian Coloured Pencil community.

The ACPN was founded in 2010 and previously the ACPN consisted of a membership facility including an online forum and members gallery but we have since deactivated this due to the lack of community support & involvement.

Currently the ACPN exists as a website, periodic newsletter, private facebook group, instagram profile and online collaboration supporting current and new members of  the community. We are open to all supporters of the community and believe in a friendly and open environment where people are supported and encouraged no matter where they are in the artistic journey – our main stipulation is that you must love coloured pencils and you reside / live in Australia or New Zealand!!!

We also like to produce an annual calendar and online exhibition showcasing members of the Australian Coloured Pencil Community of all levels from beginners to professional pencil artists.

To become a member of our facebook group simply request it here > – you must be an Australian or NZ resident to be accepted, but that is all.

The website & newsletter is used to help promote and support artists and get information to them like:  how to articles, new products available and the facebook group gives the ability for members to connect and discuss coloured pencil art with other like minded interested artists. Our instagram profile is yet another avenue that people can be supported and featured and ways for artists to connect and support one another.

This website and its community works best when we receive regular contributions and involvement from our community members. 

I can’t do it all on my own so if you have some information I would love it if you can send it my way.

If you would like to become a featured member on our website or showcase your product to the wider ACPN community please contact Belinda for further information. If you would like to be featured and support us on instagram please use the #auscp and tag us @auscp.

Professional CP artists who are holding workshops, events or exhibitions are invited to submit their information to us for publication throughout our network.

This online network / website is funded & supported by Australian Coloured Pencil Artist – Belinda Lindhardt . Our facebook group is also supported by Australian Coloured Pencil artist Sylvie Carter.