Blending pencil with a paint brush

Recently I have been enjoying working on Canson Mi-Teintes Sheets paper, its great having that coloured background ready to go.

When using different supports in your artwork it can mean that you have to alter the way that you may normally work. For me with this paper this means changing blending tools!!

I like to blend!

Blending and adding more and more layers is something I gravitate towards in my artwork, I know many coloured pencil artists don’t blend at all, there is no right or wrong way of working, I personally cannot NOT blend if that makes sense its just the way I work. Sometime it will be with a piece of felt, solvent (Zest-it) other times it might be with the colourless blender.

One thing I found when working with this paper is that I cannot use as many layers as I would normally, and Zest-it doesn’t really work as well as it normally work when i work with other papers. So I have been using a paintbrush just the cheapest paint brush that you can find in any dollar shop I chop of the ends and work it in a circlular pattern to blend the pencil together.

Here is a little video I thought i would share 🙂



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