Featured Member for February – Ellen Compton

All images © Copyright 2011 of the Featured Artist.

Name: Ellen Compton
Location: Victoria, Australia

How did you get started in coloured pencil art?

I have always been interested in drawing and painting, and in 2000 I was fortunate enough to begin classes with Jan Long in Gippsland. Jan is an artist as
well as teacher and has taught me so much about drawing and then later painting. I have preferred the various drawing media (coloured pencils, graphite and pastel pencils) ever since.

What do you love about using coloured pencils in your artwork?

I find the process of layering the colours fascinating and enjoy allowing textures to evolve. There are many variations of coloured pencils and each have their place in the artwork. Because I enjoy the drawing process (generally very relaxing!), coloured pencils offer that same enjoyment.

What are your favourite pencils and supports you like to work on?
I am currently using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils but have used Prismacolour for many projects in the past. I now tend to use the above two and
various Derwents if I need to extend the colour range or provide a different texture. My paper choices are Hot Press Fabriano and Stonehenge papers, usually 300gsm.

What are your favourite subjects and themes featured in your art?

My subjects usually consist of wildlife or domestic animals and lately flowers. I enjoy recreating the textures of the fur, feathers or skin of the animals.

I tend to keep the background clean and minimalist but am now experimenting with foliage as well.

Thankyou Ellen for letting us all get to know you.
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  1. marianne O'Connor says

    Hi Ellen Compton. I have seen a few of you pieces on the Col Pen website and am DYING to know how you superimposed the Copyright sign (C in a circle) and your name over each piece. thanks for any help. Marianne

  2. Ellen Compton says

    Hi Marianne,
    I use a Mac computer and the software is iWatermark. It is quite easy to use. Cheers.

  3. Nina Balas says

    Hi Ellen,
    Love your work and as another wildlife artist I have myself gone back to my colored pencils for higher definition. I paint all my animals in pastels but I find my birds are better in pencil work. I too am interested on Copyright sign, but I don’t have a Mac, any suggestions from others perhaps.

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