Derwent have recently released the new Inktense Blocks and if you have used Derwent’s Inktense Pencils you will
find the blocks will beautifully compliment the pencils.

If you haven’t used the Inktense products, one of the great things about Inktense is that is a permanent ink that once it’s dry it’s fixed and permanent.

I have been experimenting recently with using Inktense underneath my coloured pencils as way of speed up my artwork process and laying down some vibrant colour before applying my pencils over the top and it works great.

Of course the products are vibrant enough that they be used as a medium on their own and if you like to experiment away from pencils they can be used on canvas and you can even use them on fabric like silk and cotton.

The blocks can be used for laying down large areas of colour and they also have a range of accessories that you can use to grate the blocks down and use them with a brush that way if you so wish.

One of the great things I can see for artists with this range  is that both the pencils and the blocks have the same colour names so you can use the blocks for broad areas and then go in with the pencil to refine areas or add more colour. The also work so well with the Derwent Coloursoft Pencils so it’s so versatile.
I can see lots of fun with this product in lots of different uses definately one for the studio!

Here are a couple of experiments I have done using  the Derwent Inktense products and then pencils over the top.


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