Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • Is there an Australian Coloured Pencil Society?

    – No, there is currently no Australian Society. Please visit the About page for further info.

  • I can’t log into the site.
    –  Please register here.
  • Can I delete an image from the Members Gallery?

    – Unfortunately no, if you have uploaded an image you would like deleted I am only too happy to do so just email or PM Admin and we can delete it for you.

  • Why is my image not showing up in the Members Gallery?

    Please make sure your image is not larger than 700pixels wide or high and less than 600k filesize or it will not upload. If you need to resize your image you can do so on this website and save a copy or google many other websites that resize your image to a web version.

  • Ok I have registered where do I go now? / What can I do on this site?
    -Please visit the welcome new members page
  • I still need HELP!

    – Please visit the contact page to contact AusCP admin and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • How do I post a message and talk to other members?


    • Here is a step by step:
      1. Login: Click on the Membership / login button in the orange buttons at the navigation (if you don’t see these you might be already logged in) or fill in your membership details as you are prompted.
      2.  Click on the “Forum” button.
      3. Click on the “area” you would like to read / post. “Australian Coloured Pencils Network Website” is a good place to start.
      4. Underneath that you will see a thread “Welcome – Please Introduce Yourself” click that or if you want to write something new you can click the “Add Topic” button.
      5. Here you will see all the people who have posted here so far. You can reply to the thread by clicking the “reply” button.
      6. Then a box comes up and you type your message. You can upload a photo there if you like – finalise by clicking the “submit reply” button at the bottom of the page.

       TIP: If you “subscribe” at the bottom of the page you will receive an email every time someone replies to your post on this page.

I am always asked – Is there an Australian Coloured Pencil Society?
Short answer is No. We are however your closest thing.

The ACPN is a group of people united by a common interest – coloured pencils in Australia and New Zealand.

As a group, we have discussed becoming a society multiple times.
The conclusion has been the logistics of running a formal society are a little trickier than that of a group. At present time geography and time commitment needed to run a society is not currently possible. I like to think that what we have formed is the next best thing while we continue to grow and in the future if we get enough support we will be able to have a network of people to unite us all in our common coloured pencil endeavours.

If your there you click on the  “Reply to Post” text, add your text to the

box that comes up, and then click the bottom at the bottom which says “Post

New Reply”.

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