Today I am featuring our dedicated ACPN facebook group admin Sylvie Carter. Sylvie was a little bit reluctant to do this interview but I love to feature up and coming pencil artists, so here it goes, Thankyou Sylvie for taking part! 🙂

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Instagram:                          @carter_arts
Location:                             Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Zebra-Afrika-for-slyvie-carter-artist-webPlease tell us a little about how you got started in coloured pencil art.

Being a folk artist who has preferred the more decorative and realistic style, I have always loved art and attending many exhibitions. After visiting a gallery where a variety of artists were exhibiting and demonstrating their particular art skills and style on the Central Coast, and seeing Belinda L. doing her stuff, I was very keen to try and attend her workshop in Ettalong, NSW on the following January 2015. After that workshop and much encouragement from Belinda, I was hooked and I have been drawing ever since.


What do you like about using coloured pencils in your artwork?

For me, it is the precision and photo realism that I can achieve and a sense of peace that it gives me as you zone out into a happy place creating.


Do you have any favourite brands or surface to work on? If so please tell us about it.Pink Diamond - Sylvie Carter

I have found over the time that I have been drawing with coloured pencils, and following various artists that often the pencils get the spotlight and the support (canvas or paper) often not mentioned. I have learnt that paper used plays a very big part in how the various pencils interact on the medium. When drawing with pencils such as Prismacolors, which are wax based, I lean towards Stonehenge as its surface allows more layers than other papers. I also use Canson Mi Teinte often when I use Polychromos pencils because they behave better with that paper than the Prismacolours if you have a heavy hand such as myself.  I have experimented with watercolour paper with these pencils and whilst it gives a good result, nothing compares to Stonehenge in my opinion. Stonehenge also  allows for mixed mediums so it is very versatile.

Do you have any particular themes or subjects in your art? What are they and why ?

I-See-You-slyvie-carter-artist-webI love drawing wild animals; in particular the big cats, however a stray zebra, elephant & giraffes have slipped into my repertoire!  The reason I enjoy drawing anything you could find on a safari, is because they are such majestic creatures. As a close second, I rather like flowers, predominantly Australian flora due to their beauty and uniqueness with nothing else in the world like them.

 Have you won any awards for you art please tell us a bit about them. Or do you have any exhibitions you would like to advertise?

Oooh that is a hard one, I haven’t put any of my work on exhibitions as yet, focusing on developing my pencil art and style, as it is such a different medium to acrylic or watercolour, but I will do so in the near future.  I am also increasingly asked to produce artwork and I expect to open an online shop.

Check out my instagram page to see my journey with pencils and see me put the ART in cARTer_Arts!


Thankyou so much Sylvie, for being one of our Featured Artists and sharing your story.

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