As part of this blog and the Australian Coloured Pencil website I wanted to highlight a member of the Australian Coloured Pencil Community each month, in the hope that it supports our members as well as allowing people to get to know each other and supporting and growing the profile of pencils in Australia.

So for our first featured member for our new site Karen Hull has generously accepted my invitation to be featured so here is a bit about Karen and her art.

Karen Hull

Website Address: Location: NSW, Australia

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How did you get started in coloured pencil art?

I have drawn with coloured pencils ever since I could grip a pencil and they have always been my medium of choice.

What do you love about using coloured pencils in your artwork?

I love the spontaneity and portability that coloured pencils provide, and also the fact that they are perfect for fine detail which suits my style.

What are your favourite pencils and supports you like to work on?

My favourite brands are the Faber Castell Polychromos, but I am spoiled with a wide selection of brands and utilise all of them from time to time. My all-time favourite surface is drafting film because it allows for rapid lay down of rich, crisp colour, and also lends itself well to fine detail.

Please tell us about any Awards and Exhibitions you have been featured in.

I have won several awards including, Best oil, Best Watercolour, Best Drawing at the Australian Society of Miniature Art Annual Awards Exhibitions, several awards at the Sydney Easter Show Art Exhibition, a few Highly Commendeds at the Blacktown City Art Exhibition and also a few awards each year at the Penrith Show Art Exhibition.

What are your favourite subjects and themes featured in your art?

Animals and people feature most prominently in my art – I love to try and capture the emotion or unique character of each subject. I love, more than anything, to create art that puts a smile on people’s faces

Thankyou Karen for letting us all get to know you.
Please make sure you say hello to Karen on our forums and please go along to her website at: to see more of her lovely work.

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