Featured Member 2013 - Karen Bailey  grevillia-6-lowName: Karen Bailey
Website address: occasionalartist.wordpress.com
Location: Melbourne Victoria
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 Please tell us a little about how you got started in coloured pencil art.

My love affair with pencils started with Derwent Coloured Pencils in school and my fervent desire to own the coveted box of 72. The box I never achieved but I gradually bought all the pencils one at a time and I still have them. I used them on and off and did my first serious drawing in coloured pencils while doing graphic design unit at university. I ended majoring in printmaking and textiles, then headed off travelling and a varied career in hospitality and education.sturt-desert-pea-2-resized3

What do you like about using coloured pencils in your artwork?

I have returned to art and I love the ease of using coloured pencils, I can draw a little bit at a time without having to clean up messy paints. I love the depth of colour pencils give me and with underpainting I get an intensity and a glow that I can’t achieve with other mediums.

I am a little unusual in the coloured pencil world as I don’t create the highly detailed and realistic paintings that others do, My work is quite large (most paintings are around A1 size) and they are very graphic and slightly abstracted. I find that coloured pencils allow me to layer colours without muddying them, clear and vibrant colour is important in my art.

grevilea-4_small-edited-1Do you have any favourite brands or surface to work on? If so please tell us about it.

I use prismacolor pencils as I love their creamy texture and they layer beautifully. The old Derwents get an outing on occasions and I am working up to justifying the purchase of some Caron d’ache coloured pencils. I am still experimenting with different papers as I love collecting different paper and can’t resist trying out anything new that I find.

Do you have any particular themes or subjects in your art? What are they and why ?

At the moment I am undertaking a couple of Flower series, one on Native Australian Flowers and another of Flowers from the Garden, which is of flowers that I find in the gardens of inner Melbourne when I am out walking. I love the moments of joy when you find an exquisite little flower poking over the fence. I love the colours, lines and shapes of flowers, especially close up. There is movement and joy in each one and they just make me smile.

viburnumHave you won any awards for you art please tell us a bit about them. Or do you have any exhibitions you would like to advertise?

I have only just returned to art in a serious way, so this will be the first year that I am looking to exhibit my work and enter awards.

Thankyou so much for your time Karen, in letting us get to know you. Please leave a comment for Karen below or visit her website at: occasionalartist.wordpress.com


All images copyright of the featured artist and maynot be reproduced without written permission. © 2010-2013 All rights reserved.


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