Gay BlackName: Gay Black Location: NSW Australia

Please tell us a little about how you got started in coloured pencil art.
About 3 years ago, I was doing roster at the Central Coast Art Society Exhibition when this delightful young woman came along and proceeded to achieve some wonderfully lustrous work with coloured pencils and black paper.  She was most generous with her tips and I went home inspired, spent over a hundred dollars on pencils and paper, started ‘pencilling’ and am still ‘hooked’!  Of course, the delightful young woman was Belinda Lindhardt!! – (aww thanks so much this is so fantastic for me – Belinda)

What do you like about using coloured pencils in your artwork?
love the ‘freedom’ of pencils…the fact that you can just pick up and put down at any time, no mess and no clean-up! They’re also very portable and great when travelling.

Which are your favourite pencils and supports/surfaces to work on?
My favourites are Prismacolor and Luminance, although I mix and match a lot.  I’ve also used Derwent Studio and have recently bought some Montmarte which I’m looking forward to trying. Favourite paper is Stonehenge 300gsm, although I also use heavy rough watercolour paper, also draughting film and polythene sheet. I also enjoy working on My-Tex because of the texture; however, it does eat up the pencils very quickly!

Do you have any particular themes or subjects in your art? What are they and why ?
No I don’t have particular themes or subjects, but I’m often drawn to flora, probably because of the colours and variation.

Please tell us about any Awards or Exhibitions  you have been featured in.
No awards yet, but I’m working on it!  I had a pencil work (Lilywhite) selected last year and three pieces selected this year (Wild Thing, A Whiter Shade, and Bowled Over (sold)) at the Hunters Hill Art Exhibition.  Currently have two mixed media works on exhibition at Medium:Vinyl Exhibition in which all work has to be done on vinyl LPs – interesting what ideas artists come up with – see website – for past and present works.

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