Name: Penney Hughes
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Location: South Australia, Australia



Please tell us a little about how you got started in coloured pencil art.

Coloured pencil art was my absolute favourite when I was a child.  I remember saving my pocket money and buying a coloured Derwent pencil at 11d 

each and was dismayed when the price was raised to one shilling.  As you might guess this was a long time ago in the UK.

What do you love about using coloured pencils in your artwork?

I love the bright colours and the way you can blend from one colour to another with a seamless transition.  I find I particularly enjoy being able to pick up and put down a piece of art without the panic that sets in if you are called away from a wet-in-wet water-colour painting. Coloured pencils I find are peaceful to use, even if very time consuming.

What are your favourite pencils and supports you like to work on?

My absolute favourite were Karisma which are sadly no longer made.  I have replaced these with Prismacolor, which I find are the next best and are mostly the same numbers although some names of colours have changed and a few others have been discontinued.  However there are now morecolours in the Prismacolor range which is good.
Both Karisma and Prismacolor are wax-based which I much prefer over oil-based pencils.  They are so much more creamy. I use Stonehenge and sometimes hot pressed 300gms Arches watercolour paper.  Occasionally I make the mistake of getting hooked on a sketch done on cartridge paper and completing it…

Do you have any particular themes or subjects in your art? What are they and why ?

I am moving more and more into abstract and non-representational work in spite of the fact coloured pencil lends itself so well to realism.  I like to mix coloured pencil with other media – especially pen, so I confess to not being a purist.

Please tell us about any Awards or Exhibitions  you have been featured in.

I did win a prize for a colouring competition as a child and another one for a colored pencil portrait of my granddaughter when I finally took up art again after a break of many, many – far too many – years.  I tend to exhibit very modestly in local Rotary Exhibitions. I consider myself a beginner.

Thankyou so much Penney for letting get to know you and your beautiful artwork and being our Featured Member for May.

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