Guidelines for Digital Artwork Files

Here are some guidelines for submitting digital artwork files to the forum and for online exhibitions and storing digital files of your artwork.

As a guide your files should be 72dpi and width or height of around 800pixels maximum and under 500k file size.

You can resize your photos via an image editing program (these sometimes come with digital cameras or scanners or you may download a basic free one such as:  Photoscape, or do a google search.

Alternatively there are websites that can do this for you try: PicResize or Resize Your


  • If you cannot submit your file to our forums it maybe because your filesize is too large (digital camera take photos at a higher dpi and dimensions so that they can be printed. As we are in an online environment however, we do not require your files to be so large so we must restrict our filesizes. – It also saves on your internet usage to re-size your images that you send over the internet).
  • General practice is to have two versions of  artwork photos on my computer one is called  “filename_web.jpg” as well as the original file. This is the file i use on my website as well as if it uploaded to website albumns and forums.

Any further questions or queries please send an email to or post in our forums.


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