Acp fACEBOOKIf your reading this you could be either getting started in pencils, love using pencils or maybe an experienced artist and have been using coloured pencils for a while.

The question is how do you find other coloured pencil artists either in your area or across Australia? Why would you? Well, you could be to form friendships, get advice or just see others work. Even just to talk to some like minded people, who understand what your talking about if you mention burnishing, Prismacolor or Polychromos?

The ACPN was setup up back in 2008, to bring Australian artists together, that’s not to say that we don’t love our overseas friends but our timezones are different, our subjects our different and our supplies are different so its nice to have someone close to discuss these things with alongside the many overseas sites and resources that are available online.

So, How do you connect with your local artist friends?

Well there is facebook, we have a very active facebook group with over 1000 users.  Facebook works because its easy, its on our phones and many people already login to facebook everyday, its not something we often think about and becomes part of our daily lives. We welcome our Australian & New Zealand friends to connect in our facebook group at:

However, not everyone likes to use Facebook…or you may wish to be connected with a more intimate group of people…


What about the rest of you who still want to catch up with other local pencil artists ?

Well there is our forum or our directory. The idea behind the directory was for you to list yourself in your region/state so that if there was someone searching for other artists in that area they can find you. Just email address or websites that is all, its also promotion and a way of us to unite as a group should we wish to sometime in the future wish to have an Australian Exhibition we have a way of finding one another.

Which brings me back to the Forum on the ACPN website…

Before you start, I know in the past the forum hasn’t always been so easy to use, there has been issues with people having trouble “Becoming a Member” and uploading photos. Yep i know, its frustrating I hate it when websites don’t work. You only take so much and you give up. Here at the HQ, once a problem has been identified i am doing my best to fix it straight away. It’s frustrating from my end as everyone has different software on their computers and what works on one computer maynot work on another, best i can say is i am constantly working on it but i also need you to tell me if you have issues as otherwise i have no way of knowing.

Another issue is that no one is visiting the forum, so you will find that if you go there now, there is no information there or it has been outdated in the past. This is because no one was using the forum as everyone moved over to facebook. Yep i get it.. but lets change that!!!

If you are one of these people who would like to use the forum as a way to communicate with your fellow Coloured Pencil artists, can i please urge you to have another go at the forum.

Post something, anything, that way I will know whether its worth it to keep the forum running, the more of you who use it then the more information will be there and the more interesting it will be. Second part to this is to bookmark the forum or subscribe to the RSS feed and visit it regularly. Include it in the list of websites you visit on a daily basis. If you subscribe to a “post” you can be notified everytime someone else posts in that topic or forum.

This is basically the way i myself learnt how to use coloured pencils. I regularly visited the forums and posted my work in progress and others commented.

I would love for this to be a resource for you and other coloured pencil artists. But, the only way that can happen is if we use it and visit it regularly.

Ok, so what you do you have to do? Well its really only 3-4 steps.

Instructions on how to post on the forum,

  1. Become a member of the ACPN (its free) just use username and password, if you have trouble email those details to me and i will do it for you.
  2. and/or login to the website via the login form, its on the bottom right footer of every page of the site.
  3. Visit the forum page by clicking on the “Forum” button (second button on our main navigation) or visit
  4. On the forum page you will see a bunch of sections where you can post a question, your work or respond to existing ones.
    To post a question look for the “Post a Topic” button, or click the button “Add Reply” to respond to something which is already there , the buttons are generally located to the right of the page.

That’s it!

Disclaimer, if you get a blank page when visiting the forum press the “refresh” button on your browser, if you get this alot – please let m know and i will  try and fix it.

If you have any other problems please let me know via email and let me know what exactly you are trying to do and what page you are on and what happens when you try and do it.

Please be patient and be my helpers to help me find these thing out and fix them. I am but one person, so i need you guys to help me make this a better resource for us all.

What happens if you dont want to use the forum or facebook? Well then we don’t really have a way to communicate with one another, there is no sense of community which has been where we have been heading of late, and i would really hate for us to loose that.

While i am on my little bandwagon, if you have any news or information you would like to share, write an article or show us your latest work by becoming a featured member I would love to have this to share with our members so please contact me.

Thankyou, from Belinda your trusty ACPN admin 🙂

Love to hear from you please leave your comments below.

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