Here we are, March, not quite the start for ACPN for 2012 that I was hoping for. However, are still here, please forgive me!!!

(Who can resist a cute puppy!!!)
Yes, we are still here, so this post is just to briefly answer to all the emails I have been receiving and appologise to those members who have had frustration with our beloved ACPN for the past few months.

As many of you know we have been experiencing some technical issues over the past few months, many of which to be brief took a look time to fix as software people would bring out updates as as soon as i thought we are up and running something else would lurk its head and as some of the developers are over in the US would take days to get a response due to timezone differences.

Good news is, I think we are over the major hurdles, there is ofcourse still a few things I need to get ironed out but for the majority of people particularly our members who are communicating on the forums we should be good to go. The forum as also been updated, so it shouldn’t be as slow and is easier to use.I will be compensating our members with some extra time on their memerships due to all the issues we have been having.

There are a couple of issues with new members registering i am still trying to iron out, and I am but one human being, so please bare with me whilst we get sorted if you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to email me at

So without further ado, onward and upwoard for 2012, thankyou so much for your patience and understanding in what has been very frustrating time for everyone! 🙂

Pencils, pencils pencils!!! 🙂

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