Featured Member for March – Richard Klekociuk

March’s Featured Artist is Australian award winning artist Richard Klekociuk. “My cp art evolved from my interest in drawing as a child, then as a result of forays into oil and chalk pastel in the 1980s. I favoured graphite pencil at first, but then I discovered the joy of producing work in colour”…

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Confused about image size posting online?

I know its confusing working out file sizes and of your photos if you are wanting to post your artwork online for a critque. I came accross this website which will resize your images / photos for you so you can post them on the forums and online galleries etc.
It’s seems very easy to use…

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Zest-it in Australia

“Coloured Pencil aritsts find Zest-it an ideal medium for ‘underpainting’ and blending. Use a tiny amount of Zest-it Pencil Blend on pointed contton wool buds or tortillion.
Zest-it has a neutral PH value and evaporates without leaving any residue.”

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Our showcase of Australian Coloured Pencil Artists as featured on Instagram. Check it out

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