Around this time last year I posted a video and a couple of photos showing how i used Zest-It solvent with coloured pencils to create a little santa hat.

Recently, I have had a few enquiries about how to use Zest-it so I thought I would post this again for those of you who might have missed it.

In the photo below is the little santa hat drawing without any solvent.

Here is the video of apply the sovent, I have just damped the tip of the cotton bud ever so slightly and working in a circular motion. The final result you can see at the top.

Notice how all of the “air” in the drawing is now filled in, you can see many of the underneath layers and colours are generally more vibrant.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Use flat makeup pads for applying to large areas and a smaller cotton bud for smaller areas, use in a circular kinda motion so it gets into all the hills of the paper.

  • Use a good quality paper like Stonehenge when using it or it will start to buckle if your paper is too thin. (You can’t use it on drafting film).
  • Let it totally dry before applying more pencil and keep in mind also you need a good 4-5layers for it to really work and blend all of the pencil coloures together.

I hope you enjoyed this, due to so many people enquiring I will also be selling Zest-It through this website and at future workshops, let me know if your interested.

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