Are you confused ?

During my journey over to Perth recently and meeting with Julie Podstolski and  Ann Kullberg, we had a a little discussion about the ACPN.

I shared with them some experiences I have had in sharing the concept of ACPN with my own workshop participants as well as we discussed what the perception was that the ACPN is all about in terms of the website, group etc. One of my frustrations is that there seems to be a hesitation from people, when talking about the ACPN (thats my own perception). One conclusions we came to is that there is probably some confusions about What the ACPN is, and how people can be involved.

So today, I am trying to break it down for those of you who may be a bit confused as to what the ACPN is, “WHO” its for and “HOW” you can participate and/or more importantly “WHY”.

The ACPN (Australian Coloured Pencils Network) is what I can best describe as – A group for Australian and New Zealand Coloured Pencil Artists of all levels. It is a coming together of people through the website, newsletter, directory and social media so that we can connect with one another, share resources and collaborate as a community around coloured pencils and our common thread is that we also come from Australia & New Zealand.  There is no other group, committee, or society that does this in Australia or New Zealand (that i am aware of). There are ofcourse societies and groups from overseas that do this. We are unique over here though that we are spread quite far apart, there isn’t really an opportunity or there isn’t enough of us to form groups locally, so we do it online.

It is run by me Belinda Lindhardt. I am by no means the “ruler” or judge, I just feel like i have the skills and facility to provide this for people, it is how i learnt coloured pencils and its something I am passionate about -bringing people together, sharing information and I love pencils – so I do it. I am ultimately governed (i feel ) by the what is good for the group as a whole and I like to get feedback regularly from the members of the group as to directions of the group.

WHO is it for? – People are invited to join our network no matter what level they are at with pencils there is no “assessment or requirement” to join. There is also currently no fee to join. Industry suppliers to us are invited to contribute so that they can share their information to us and we will share it with our members who are interested. Our main pre-requisite is that its for Australian and New Zealand residents who are interested in coloured pencils. – That’s it.

WHY?- The aim of the ACPN is to support artists and promote coloured pencil art in Australia. Coloured pencil art IS quite different to other mediums, its good to have a place you can talk about pencils, papers, techniques with others that will understand, if you do this in painting group likely you can be looked at quite strangely, I have even heard of people being told that pencils aren’t a really medium and that they must paint or not come along to the group!   In Australia our access to supplys are different to that of overseas, so its good to ask questions and find out information.  Collectively if we are collaborating as a group it will provide more opportunities for artists. Currently the ACPN exists in the online world but I hope to one day with enough participating we will be able to bring together a number of artists in real life in Australia for the love of pencils.

HOW – What are the opportunities, that the ACPN has to offer you?

If you are a beginner or learning you might like:

(click on the links to go there)

If you are a professional* coloured pencil artist, you might like any of the above and/or:

* Professional is that you are marketing your art to sell, teaching or attending workshops, entering competitions or you are a supplier/manufacturer of coloured pencil related products.

  •  **Become a featured ACPN member – have your artwork / listed on our network.
  • **Send your marketing information and be promoted through our network.
  • Send your work in for consideration for our end of year calendar. Keep an eye out for a call for entries.
  • Enter into our online exhibition, we have been holding these for the past 5 years with some great prizes.  (Call for entries happen in about September)
  • If you are a tutor, send your information for your workshop to be promoted.
  • **If you are a blogger we would love to see how we can support one another.
  • If you are a instagramer, #auscp or connect with us on @auscp to have your work featured on the site and for us to promote you through instagram.
  • If you are having an exhibition we would love to share your information to help you get the word out.
  • You can also place a link to your website through advertising on our website, newsletter or directory for a small fee. This fee helps the upkeep of the ACPN.

There are lots of ways you can be involved, I have tried to accommodate for a variety of people in a few different ways,  as people will use the internet differently and there is so many ways we can connect with one another. Ultimately it all comes down to a central place which is this website from which you can then go through to anyone of our avenues as what works for you.

Most of all its really about connecting with other coloured pencil artists, you don’t have to JUST work in pencils, many of us I find come from graphite, painting or other mediums and some people just want to see if pencils are a good fit, others in the group will also be using other mediums as well as pencils and many of my coloured pencils friends use other media and come in and out of pencils. That’s all ok. Some professional artists work only in pencils, and are involved in the groups helping all the new friends that come along! That is awesome and that is why this was created in beginning – to help one another.

So, with that I will leave you with I hope a clearer understanding of the ACPN, I always welcome feedback comments or queries please pop them below or send a email for questions.   – Belinda

** Send an email to we would love to support you.

Most importantly, Please show your support through posting to our facebook group or forum, contributing in our discussions or submitting your work to you to our online exhibition. The network only really exists through the community it caters for, so any little contributions you make in terms of your input are what drives others and then we all grow! 🙂

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