2012-13 Online Exhibition and the Winners Are….

Congratulations to the Winners of our online exhibition

Thankyou to all of the artists who entered, there are some fabulous artworks the judge Betsy Jones found it difficult to chose a winner.

Thankyou to Betsy for judging – please make sure you head over to Betsy’s Website and facebook group.

We have 3  winners –  Just Pencils and the Mixed Media Categories and the Peoples Choice Award.

Exhibition Entries

Here are all the entries again, thankyou again to all the artists who entered and helped support coloured pencil art in Australia.
Stay tuned for more exhibitions later this year and visit our past exhibitions.

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Just Pencils 2012 Exhibition Entries

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Mixed Media 2012 Exhibition Entries

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Just pencils Category

Andrea Michael

Andrea Michael – Visit Andrea’s Website

I’m a realist artist who strives to breathe life into my subjects, elevating them above mere copies of the photographs I reference. In painstaking detail I define the smallest components of what makes the animal unique, distinct from all others like it.
The smallest things play together to capture a personality – the set of a lip, the arch of a brow, a look in the eye. With these I strive to tell the story of the individual. The animal kingdom is my muse and this is reflected in the art that I create.



I chose Entry #07 for the pure colored pencil category, not just because of the technical ability shown, which is amazing, but also for the composition of the piece; the cat seems to appear out of the darkness and it’s eyes and fur radiate in a warm glow. The wild cat is so intent and focused, I can feel the tension and am waiting for it to pounce. The tree limb grounds the image, giving it more substance, and its diagonal line keeps the eye coming back around to the subject. The play of light and dark is reminiscent of the old masters, and is captivating with this magnificent hunter.

Mixed Media

Richard Klekociuk

Richard KlekociukVisit Richard’s Website

My artwork is inspired by the Australian landscape. I work from observation, drawings and my own photos. I am particularly interested in light and shadow, pattern and weathering. Abstraction and symbolism also find their way into my work from time to time.
I work with a variety of pencils usually on pastel board.


For the mixed media category, I have selected Entry #04. The range of techniques used along with the vibrant color scheme makes my heart skip. I found myself looking deeper into this image, sticking my nose into my monitor, to see every little detail within this piece. There is a conversation of colors and textures here, and a sort of playfulness.
This one made me feel like I was stepping into another world, complete with little surprises; such as the golden cracks in a cliff, the vermillion rock formations, the army of stones, and that little slash of cerulean sky – everything compositionally was unique and wonderful and exuded an earthy energy.

People Choice Award

Jennifer Ridge-Cooke

Jennifer Ridge-CookeVisit Jennifer’s website

I got serious about drawing in 2007 when I was couch bound due to a back injury. I was emotional being restricted and had to express myself. I found that photos always depicted a snapshot in time, not just of what we see but the emotion reflected in that moment.
I draw animals and people in a moment and hope that by portraying that moment in pencil form, and taking away the reality and other distractions for the person viewing it, they will see more of the emotion in the moment and hopefully the love in the moment which guides us all.
I work with Faber Castell Polychromos colour pencils only on hot pressed cotton.

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