What does a membership to AusCP Network give you as an artist?

Your AusCP currently gives you:

  • A link to your website (if you have one) in the sidebar (reserved for members only)
  • Opportunity to become one of our Featured Members of the Month, which puts your Name, artwork and your website on our website, newsletter, blog and various other social networks (which helps you get exposure to your artwork, but also helps other artists by being able to view different techniques and styles of work, helps to promote cp art in the wider art community, helps provide support and community spirit to other cp artists).
  • Opportunity to enter our online exhibitions 
  • If you run workshops or are participating in an exhibition – I will gladly post this news in our newsletter or on our blog. You may find people in your local area that you can connect with.
  • If you are starting out you are able to post your questions on the forums ask for critiques or questions you may have in relation to your work.
  • Upload artwork to the members gallery.
  • Our members blog will automatically display information only to members of the website that isn’t available to the public or our newsletter members.
  • Connect with other coloured pencil artists and keep up to date with worldwide events.
  • Articles on tips and techniques in using pencils, including some videos (please send in your requests)
  • Competitions to win prizes
  • More exposure for the website raising the profile of cp art in Australia
  • Product reviews and information
  • Opportunities for artists of all levels with more coming in the future.

As well as all of this, this websites take a bit to run, so your membership keeps this all running and pays for the direct costs outlayed to keep it all going.

Queries comments and suggestions are ofcourse always welcome.

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