Jane Dingwall

Name: Jane Dingwall
Website address: www.janedingwall.com
Location: Victoria, Australia

Please tell us a little about how you got started in coloured pencil art.


Originally I trained as a Watercolour Artist.  About two years ago I hit the wall creatively speaking and just couldn’t seem to get anything right!
So I picked up some coloured pencils my husband bought me as a birthday present and that was it. I was captivated and read as much info. as I could find on the net and in books. I browsed other coloured pencil artists work and found it so inspiring.

Jane Dingwall
What do you love about using coloured pencils in your artwork?


Personally I love working in all mediums, but especially coloured pencil. I enjoy fine detail and the building up of layers, which coloured pencil really lends itself to. I find there’s always elements of certainty and surprise. The richness and life in this medium teaches me something every time.


What are your favourite pencils and supports you like to work on?


I use Faber Castell and Prismacolor polychromos. The lightfastness in any medium, I believe, is a serious issue. As Artists we need to be relied upon to produce work which will last and therefore in turn we need to be able to trust that the manufacturers have done their homework. The Coloured Pencil Society of America has published a workbook for it’s members which I find an excellent resource.
So far when using coloured pencils I’ve preferred White Stonehenge paper to work on.  It’s a great surface for layering, blending, sanding and generally standing up to the punishment I tend to give my pieces.   I think I’m a little unadventurous really in the surface department and find working on coloured backgrounds confusing!!    But I am trying a still life at the moment a little differently – polychromos and oil paint on oil canvas board, using liquin and zest-it to blend.  I’ll keep you posted…


Jane Dingwall Do you have any particular themes or subjects in your art? What are they and why ?

I have a love for animals, wildlife and nature, so I suppose they heavily influence my work. I  can’t better anything that’s already created but I think
that if I can capture something of the things that get missed in the day to day rush and bring it into focus – then I’ve achieved something.

Please tell us about any Awards or Exhibitions  you have been featured in.

I’ve been fortunate to win several awards over my career, mostly through the Societies I belong to and Rotary exhibitions.
Just recently I was awarded Best Other Medium ( inc.Pastel) at The Annual Mornington Rotary Art Exhibition.  It was for a coloured pencil painting – a grey Kangaroo on a full size sheet of Stonehenge paper. I was  particularly pleased that a coloured pencil painting won. I believe that it is gaining acceptance and Judges arerecognizing it as a serious medium here in Aus.

Thankyou so much Jane for letting get to know you and your beautiful artwork and being our Featured Member for April.
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