Following on from yesterdays post about opening up our membership, i have had a bunch of new registrations! Woo hooo

I have also had a few of you write to me and tell me that you don’t like facebook….

So…I am willing to put the forum up again for those of you who would like to connect with the other artists but don’t wish to use facebook.

If your not sure what a forum is you can read about it here.

This is with the hope that people actual go to the forum and check it. You can “subscribe” to any of the threads so that you get an email if anyone replies to your message. You can also bookmark that page directly and check it regularly.
Or subscribe to the RSS feed for the forum via your email program.

Lets see how it goes 🙂 Remember if your new please post a message and say Hi its where it starts 🙂

(oh and you have to be logged into the website to see the forum :)

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